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Peter J. Kohler (he, him, his) Principal Investigator

PeterPeter is originally from Denmark, but have lived and worked in North America since 2007. He received his PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience in 2013 from Dartmouth College, before becoming a post-doctoral scholar at Stanford University, working with Professor Tony Norcia. He joined York University as an Assistant Professor in 2019. He is a Core Member of Vision: Science to Applications (VISTA) and a member of the Center for Vision Research at York University. Download CV. Google Scholar. Publons.

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We are currently recruiting graduate students, and would also love to hear from undergraduate students at York who are interested in learning about using EEG and functional MRI to study the human visual system.

Rachel Moreau (she, her, hers) Graduate Student

RachelMoreauRachel did her undergraduate at Carleton University and is a first year Master’s student in the Brain, Behavior and Cognitive Science stream at York. She is currently co-supervised by Dr. Kohler and Dr. Erez Freud. She is interested in understanding how low-level visual cues (symmetry, color, numeracy, motion, etc.) contribute to complex processes such as object recognition and spatial awareness. Making use of both neuroimaging and behavioral methods, she hopes to develop a richer understanding of how simple visual qualities can come together as rich, meaningful information in the brain. Rachel’s research interests are heavily motivated by her love of painting, film, and graphic design. Rachel was awarded a scholarship from VISTA that will support her Master’s studies.

Asviniya Kokilathasan (she, her, hers) Undergraduate RA

AsviniyaKokilathasanAsviniya is a fourth-year Honours Psychology student at York University. Her current research interest involves analyzing how EEG can be used to study the human visual system and understanding how the information is represented in the brain. She enjoys listening to music, gardening, and photography.

Christopher Lee (he, him, his) Undergraduate RA

ChristopherLeeChristopher is a third-year undergraduate student at York University’s honours program in Applied Mathematics. Christopher is currently interested in using data science, image analysis, and graph theory to more effectively analyze data for the purpose of better understanding visual and other neurological processes. He has become well versed in creating and improving existing scripts use for stimulus generation and data collection in the lab. Christopher can often be found watching videos of math and computer science lectures for fun, reading, or playing video games to relax after a long day of lab work.

Andreja Stajduhar (she, her, hers) Undergraduate RA

AndrejaStajduharAndreja is a fourth-year undergraduate student at York University’s specialized honours program in Psychology. Her current research interests includes using fMRI technology to explore shape sensitivity in the dorsal and ventral visual streams, as well as exploring how object symmetry is represented in the brain. Andreja has become an expert in collecting behavioral data that can supplement our experiments in the lab. When she is not doing science, she enjoys baking, cooking, and catching up on tv shows!