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Peter J. Kohler (he, him, his) Peter J. Kohler Peter J. Kohler Principal Investigator Principal Investigator PI

Peter KohlerPeter is originally from Denmark, but have lived and worked in North America since 2007. He received his PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience in 2013 from Dartmouth College, before becoming a post-doctoral scholar at Stanford University, working with Professor Tony Norcia. He joined York University as an Assistant Professor in 2019. He is a Core Member of Vision: Science to Applications (VISTA) and a member of the Center for Vision Research at York University. Download CV. Google Scholar. Publons.

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We are currently recruiting graduate students! For more information on applying to the graduate program in Psychology at York University, please see here. Please note that if you are interested in being supervised by Professor Kohler, you must select Brain, Behaviour and Cognitive Sciences (BBCS) as your first choice area of specialization during the application process, otherwise he will not have access to your application.

We are also recruiting undergraduate students! Please get in touch if you are an undergrad at York who is interested in learning about using behavioral methods, EEG and functional MRI to study the human visual system.

Mohammad Shams-Ahmar (he, him, his) Mohammad Shams-Ahmar Mohammad Shams Postdoctoral Scholar Postdoc Postdoc

Mohammad ShamsMohammad is a post-doctoral scholar co-supervised by Prof. Peter Kohler and Prof. Patrick Cavanagh. Mohammad received his PhD from the University of Tübingen in 2022, where he worked with Prof. Peter Thier studying the mechanisms enabling saccadic eye movements. At York University Mohammad is working on questions relating to object-based attention, motion-induced and frame-induced mislocalization, and visual stability during eye movements.

Sara Chaparian (she, her, hers) Sara Chaparian Sara Chaparian PhD Student, Biology PhD Student PhD Student

Sara ChaparianSara is a PhD student in the Biology program, co-supervised by Prof. Kohler and Prof. Jeff Schall. She earned her Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence from The University of Isfahan in Iran. Sara possesses valuable experience in neuroscience data analysis, and has utilized advanced machine learning and artifical intelligence methodologies to detect evidence of atypical neurodevelopment based on EEG data. Her current research aims to relate variability in scalp EEG to variability in cortical morphology, which will make it possible to more closely relate EEG-based biomarkers to differences in activity of cortical neurons.

Shenoa Ragavaloo (she, her, hers) Shenoa Ragavaloo Shenoa Ragavaloo Master’s Student, Psychology Master’s Student MA Student

Shenoa RagavalooShenoa is a Master’s student in the Psychology program, supervised by Prof. Kohler, and is currently working on a project using high-density EEG to begin to understand how the brain encodes symmetries over novel, naturalistic objects under conditions of perspective distortion that occur during natural vision. Shenoa presented this work at the at the Lake Ontario Visionary Establishment in February 2023.

Yara Iskandar (she, her, hers) Yara Iskandar Yara Iskandar Undergrad RA Undergrad RA Undergrad RA

Yara IskandarYara is an undergraduate student majoring in Psychology at York University. She is currently working as a Research at York student in the lab, working on a project exploring spatial mechanisms mediating visual responses to symmetries in textures. She this work in a poster at the Lake Ontario Visionary Establishment in February 2023, and will be giving a talk at the Vision Sciences Society in Florida in May 2023. At this time she is focusing on using high-density EEG to explore these responses, but plans to build on these findings with functional MRI in the near future. In her free time Yara enjoys reading, exercising, and playing chess.

Shaya Samet (he, him, his) Shaya Samet Shaya Samet Undergrad RA Undergrad RA Undergrad RA

Shaya SametShaya is completing his Specialized Honours BA in Psychology at York University. He joined the lab in Fall 2021 to complete his Specialized Honours thesis on the roles of perceptual load and object salience in inattentional blindness supervised by Prof. Kohler. Shaya is currently working as an RA in the lab, completing an Individual Research Project that entails involvement in various projects in the lab, including a working memory experiment for which he won the 2nd place award for best poster presentation at the Lake Ontario Visionary Establishment Conference in February 2023. He is trained to collect high-density EEG data from adult and infant participants.

Lab Alumni Lab Alumni Lab Alumni

Graduate Students

  1. Rachel Moreau. VISTA funded Master's Student in Psychology 2020-2022. Graduated with MA in 2022.

Undergraduate Students

  1. Christopher Lee. Research at York-funded volunteer in the lab 2020-2022. BA in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science in 2022. Image Engine Design 2022-
  2. Rita Hdaki. Honours Thesis in Biology, 2021-2022. Honours BA in Biomedical Sciences in 2022.
  3. Rachel Lysenko. Research at York-funded volunteer in the lab 2020-2021. Transferred to University of Saskatchewan in 2022.
  4. Linda Godley. Research at York-funded volunteer in the lab 2020-2021. Specialized Honours BA in Cognitive Science in 2022.
  5. Andreja Stajduhar. Volunteer in the lab 2019-2021. Specialized Honours BA in Psychology in 2021. PhD at University of Toronto 2021-
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